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S&P 500 Cap Rates in FIAs 

Are the cap rates that life insurers offer of FIAs too high right now? At Life Innovators, we’ve kept track of the fair market cap rates for S&P 500 strategies since June of 2022. There’s one thing we’ve continually noticed;…

A Golden Nugget for Annuity Taxation

By Steve Cox (Life Innovators) and Ramona Neal (Living Benefit Review) As an annuity producer, you are likely well-versed in annuity taxation. Even so, there’s a hidden gem in the tax code which is often overlooked that you can add…

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Index Pricing Series – Part 3

In Part 1, we went through what an option is, how is an options budget determined by a carrier, and how the options budget translate to the rates offered by a carrier based on the current market price for options.…

Index Pricing [Part 2]: Cap Rates vs Participation Rates

Index Pricing [Part 2]: Cap Rates vs Participation Rates This content is for subscribers to The Annuity Edge. Ready to get the Edge? Join here.

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Fixed Indexed Annuity Pricing – Part 1

If you’re a wholesaler, marketer or agent, have you ever been asked — how exactly do insurance companies come up with the rates on the indexed annuities they offer? The Fed keeps raising interest rates, and they’re slated to raise…